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Amazon PPC And SEO: How to Improve Your Visibility and Revenue on Amazon (Part 2)

In the first part of this series we talked about the importance of having your keywords indexed on Amazon and the factors involved in Amazon's' decision to index or not. We learnt that if your search terms (keywords) are not indexing then your ads will not deliver, no matter how high you bid for those [...]

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Amazon PPC And SEO: How to Improve Your Visibility and Revenue on Amazon (Part 1)

We all understand the importance of product visibility - placing your product in front of the right customer for the right product search. If you can master this formula you have the best chance of creating a successful, high conversion Amazon listing. There are a number of methods available to the seller to achieve this [...]

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How to set up your first Amazon Sponsored Advertising PPC Campaign: A Step by Step Guide

This is a basic introduction to Amazon Sponsored Ads. We will cover techniques and strategies later in the series. Using Amazon Seller Central’s Campaign Manager, advertising campaigns can be created targeting specific products and using specific customer search terms (keywords). These campaigns can help to get your products displayed more prominently in Amazon's search results, [...]

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Understanding the Numbers – How to Ensure Profit from your Product on Amazon

Understanding the Numbers The importance of understanding all of your numbers is crucial. We suggest before migrating to software like Hello Profit or Sellics to automate this process that you crunch your income statements manually on Excel. Digging deeply into the data will give you a good base-knowledge of what Amazon charge and where you [...]

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