We offer as many or as few services as required. We can work on individual areas where you may be struggling or manage an account in its entirety. Get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff to find out more.

Product Research & Validation

The team at ACE have a combined wealth of experience in eCommerce, Amazon retail and marketing. We’ve brought over a hundred products to market at this point using our in-house validation process – taking a great deal of the guesswork away from choosing a successful, best-selling product.

We can provide pre-launch advice built on a data-driven foundation, looking at multiple data-points, helping you decide whether or not there is a chance for success in a product category before you commit.

We look at:

  • Competitor Revenue
  • Competitor Reviews
  • Overall Competition
  • Relative Keyword Density
  • Relative Search Volume
  • Launch Keyword Availability
  • Product Costs (COGS)
  • Amazon FBA Fees
  • Competition to Search Volume Ratio
  • Number of Advertisers

This gives the data necessary to assess Traffic, Demand, Cost of Advertising, Competition, Reviews and End-game Profitability.

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Amazon Search Engine Optimisation Services

Listing Content Optimisation

Our Amazon SEO service begins with a full account audit undertaken by one of our SEO pros. This helps us to determine the best SEO strategy to recommend for improving your listings search performance.

Once our initial research is complete, we set you up with a date for a quick planning call. This is an opportunity for us to discuss our findings and decide on the best strategy for improvement, together. On your go-ahead, the changes are applied and the results are tracked. We keep daily logs of any changes in page rank using rank monitoring software and present them on a periodic rotation.

We’ve found that listing optimisation is most successful when combined with well managed PPC campaigns and marketing, so we recommend discussing options for both these services to work sequentially.

Keyword Research

We’ve designed a new way to research keywords for Amazon search engine optimisation. We separate search terms into distinct categories for launch, conversion, generating impressions or for regenerative purposes based on custom filters.

This additional insight gives us greater power over which keywords we target and at what point in your listings lifetime to use them, giving us the best shot at rank improvement. We can see which keywords your competitors are targeting, where they are seeing success and use this data when making decisions on listing updates.

Optimised International Listings

Our custom keyword research analysis works for all countries, all languages, and our team of translators create high quality, optimised listings, for all markets, ensuring that local language and marketing customs are kept at the forefront of the design brief.

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Pay Per Click – Amazon Sponsored Advertising

Amazon Sponsored Advertising is an internal tool within Amazon which lets you pay for the privilege to appear at the top of the search results for the keywords you select. You pay based on clicks and the bids you enter.

We are seeing a trend whereby Amazon are treating Sponsored Advertising with a lot more significance when it comes to your page rank. A successful product often hinges on the advertising campaigns. We can set up and optimise your campaigns using an internal custom application to adjust bids and add/remove keywords based on profitability.

We track the usual metrics such as Cost per Click (CPC), Click through Rate (CTR), Average Cost of Sale (AcoS) but on top of that we understand the relationship between keyword position and advertising so we track:

  • Organic sales versus sales from advertising on a product basis.
  • True cost of advertising: this is advertising spend divided by total sales. This shows the cost of advertising as a whole and not just on a campaign level.

Amazon advertising can make or break a product and its profitability, so a data driven strategic approach is crucial and we can help with this.

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Data Reporting

SEO Reports

We provide monthly SEO reports which will show you:

  • Your rank movements within the month.
  • Changes seen in your direct competition.
  • Updated review counts.
  • Updated prices.
  • How we’re targeting keywords / phrases within your listing.

We aim to give you all the SEO information you need, regularly, in an easy to digest format. We want to allow you greater insight on a granular level into your listing search performance.

Financial Reporting and Strategy

We need to understand our clients KPIs, margin structure and goals before we can work towards them. Understanding this is an important first step.

Ensuring all of the accounts we work on are profitable after our costs is an integral part of our business model and without focusing on profit we would not have an agency for long!

We use third party and internal applications that provide us access to vast amounts of data, allowing us to make clear decisions when iterating and optimising anything from advertising campaigns to pricing.

Each month we provide reports detailing the key metrics we selected during the initial consultation. Examples include:

  • Revenue by Market
  • Revenue by Product
  • Gross Margin
  • Advertising Costs vs. Revenue (%)
  • Paid sales vs. Organic sales
  • Best Selling Rank Trends by category
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Enhanced Brand Content

With brand registration you gain access to Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content design and implementation tool. We have a design team well versed in successful EBC marketing with this tool, building great quality content combined with marketing copy that converts. Check out some of our previous work below:

VAT Services

We have found one of the biggest challenges with selling on Amazon in Europe is VAT. As a result of this we have found a lot of companies bury their heads in the sand and get confused. This is understandable as there are 7 countries to register in, if you want to do PAN EU. These seven countries also have varying distance selling thresholds.

The thresholds, filing periods and rates themselves vary across each country which doesn’t help. We found the Amazon ‘partner services’ were not helpful especially if you are selling on more channels than just Amazon.

As a result we decided to partner with a VAT Specialist Agency which allows us to offer; filing, registration and general advice to stay compliant.


We have experienced copywriters on staff available to write great, converting product copy for your Amazon listing. We understand the importance that a brand story has on the decision to buy, and we will work with you to tell that story. We incorporate our keyword research into all commissioned product copy, making it accessible to the Amazon A9 algorithm, and giving you the best shot at gaining rank, impressions and visibility.


We are able to translate into the following languages; German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese and from these languages into English. Our team of translators are not only native speakers in their respective languages but also versed with Amazon SEO, local use of language and selling customs.

It is a delicate balance between maintaining the original translation, ensuring the grammar is correct and being friendly for Amazon; for instance having ample high volume keywords entered in the correct place.

For example, when translating the word pet tag into Spanish there are various options such as ‘Chapa Identificativa para Mascotas’ or ‘Placa Identificativa para Mascotas’ – we found the search volume for the former to be 4 times higher than the latter and thus we used this phrase instead. Translating product copy ‘like for like’ without the proper insight into search volumes will lead to missed opportunities and poor performance, as you won’t appear for the most valuable searches.


We have found if you do not have some strategy in place reviews will come in at around 1% of orders. Considering how important reviews are for the conversion rate of your product and what you can charge for your product, 1% is far too low.

We offer a review service, where we will write and implement automated email sequences which are within Amazons Terms of Service to increase your review rate.

Product Design, Branding and Imagery

We have a team of designers ready to take a brief and create outstanding product imagery for your Amazon listing. Imagery services available are:

  • CGI Product Renders
  • Product Photography
  • Product Lifestyle Photography
  • Infographics
  • Product Factsheets
  • Imagery Edits
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